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International Master Alejandro Moreno

World Class Chess Coach


Manuel Fajardo University, Habana, Cuba

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports, 1984 – 1990

International Master of World Chess Federation, 1997 – present


Chess Coach for University of Miami Chess Team (Miami, Florida, August 2013 – Present)

Develop students to become competitive chess players through active instruction on chess tactics, strategy and critical thinking. Prepare lesson plans, tests and club projects. Coach students to achieve ranking improvements (including two students improving from 1600 to 2000) and foster growth in club membership.

Coach of over 200 individual elementary, middle, and high school-aged students in Cuba, Ecuador and the United States (1990 – present)

Coach of the Ecuadorian Chess Olympic Committee and the Ecuadorian Chess Federation, Pichincha, Ecuador, 2004 – 2005

● Captain of the Ecuadorian Chess Team at the 36th Chess Olympiad in 2004 Calvia, Spain. Led preparation for the Ecuadorian Olympic team (analyzed opponents’ games, game strategy, opening analysis, etc.)

● Chess Consultant for the Pichincha Chess Association, Quito, Ecuador 2002-2004. Provided general training and game preparation for high level players. Organized several tournaments at the local and national level, and provided on-site tournament coaching at local and state events.

● Advisor for the Ecuadorian National Government State of Pichincha Project Committee, 2003, and prepared chess lessons, tournaments, and chess “simuls” at the local level.

Member of the Cuban Chess Olympic Committee (Havana, Cuba, 1994 – 1997)

Organized national and local tournaments, recruited competitive chess players, revised and amended chess rules and directives.

Managing Chair for the Cuban Chess Federation, Arroyo Municipality (Havana, Cuba, 1990 – 1994)

Led game preparation for the Arroyo Municipality chess team, analyzed opponent games, game strategy, and opening analysis, and provided training for high level players. Organized several tournaments at the local and national level. Provided on-site tournament coaching at local and state wide events.

Selected achievements of students:

Under 12 World Champion in Batumi 2016 (FIDE Master and U.S. National Master Nikhil Kumar), Cuban National Chess Champion and Third Place in 2007 U.S. Championship reaching his highest FIDE rating of 2614 (Grandmaster Julio Becerra), Naman Kumar - No. 1 Blitz-chess rated 9-year-old in U.S. (2016), Chess Olympiad Silver Medal and World Top 100 Woman Player (Grandmaster Martha Fierro), No. 1 Ranking in Ecuador (International Master Daniel Mieles Palau), Women’s Champion of Ecuador (Grandmaster Carla Heredia).


World Chess Hall of Fame (recognized as one of the world’s leading chess coaches), Collaborator for Chess Informant magazine (1993-present), Numerous tournament titles in Cuba including Winner of the First Guillermo Garcia Memorial Tournament (1991), FIDE Master 2350 (1993), Best ELO Achievement 2445 (1995 - 7th Top Rated Player in Cuba) and International Master (1997). 

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