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Feel The Power Academy Afterschool Program

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This is a hands-on class where students will learn tactics and strategies in all phases of chess (opening, middlegame, endgame). While exploring the fascinating game of chess, students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Time is divided equally between learning and playing, and students are divided into groups (after a preliminary assessment) based on skill      level.
Group challenges and presentations reinforce students’ teamwork and leadership skills
Special activities like bughouse (team chess), chess stories and riddles, creative problem-composing and problem-solving, and more!
Students learn about chess history through analysis of famous games and historical anecdotes.
The material covered each session will vary depending on students’ ages, experience, and skill level.
All materials will be provided.


For children to play and socialize with friends while learning the fundamentals of chess in a competitive setting.
To build problem-solving skills, provide an opportunity for creative expression and foster an appreciation for strategic and tactical thinking.


Playing chess grows dendrites, which conduct brain signals, and the prefrontal cortex, which coordinates planning, judgment and self-control.
Playing chess helps develop creativity by activating the right side of your brain.


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